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Two of Cups

Two of Cups -

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Two of Cups - everyone's favourite - love, romance, happiness with a partner. It is this and can be a lot of other things too.

Two in the Tarot

The twos as we have mentioned before represents the relationship and interaction between two entities, persons or principles. It is the interaction between two.

Two of Cups:

As we know Cups is largely concerned with emotion and relationships so in this suit it is personal relationships. This is the classic romance card. It can also signify engagement, marriage or even a close supportive friendship. It does show that there is someone special in your life or the person you are reading for that you share a special connection with. You can trust and rely on this person. Occasionally it can signify the ending to a dispute or conflict with forgiveness, understanding and tolerance as the outcome. When the two of Cups shows up expect romance to blossom or at the very least the development of a strong and true friendship. It could be the meeting of soulmates or commitment in a current relationship. The other great signifier of a new romance is the Knight of Cups who usually turns up in a spread when you are just about to meet someone or have just met them. Remembering the Knights represent movement and change and when its Cups its your Knight in Shining Armour – someone romantic, reliable, sincere and strong.

Keywords: Love, friendship, marriage, romance, ending of a conflict.


Problems in a relationship, quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings are indicated which can lead to a relationship breakdown or divorce. Relationships, affairs or friendships fail, engagements may be broken. There can be clash of personalities, but one should not be too hasty in ending a relationship as there may be regrets later on. Usually in the event of a relationship breakdown the 8 of cups makes an appearance or other cards signifying an ending e.g 3 of swords, The Death Card etc. Just be cautious in verbalising this text book meaning as it is often an argument with great disappointment in a partner the overriding feeling.

Keywords: Separation, divorce, disagreements in close personal relationships.

Have a great day. Be kind to each other and appreciate others you are close to.♥️♥️

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