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The 7 of Wands

The Seven in the Tarot The stability of the six is disrupted by the additional energy of the seven introducing a new factor. 7 is often a mystical number and brings challenges and opportunities for growth in wisdom and knowledge. The 7 is investigative and analytical. There is intuition and a quest for answers with this energy.

Seven of Wands The wisdom and power of the number 7 in combination with the energy and ambition of the wands shows an ability to overcome obstacles and to meet challenges with determination to success. There may be a test or challenge. Skill is required but you have a great ability to cope with any challenges that arise. The person is standing on higher ground than the Wands so success is assured. Key words: Challenge, test, courage.

Reversed There is a lack of confidence to meet challenges but not necessarily at lack of ability. Embarrassment and lack of courage is characterised when the person is actually much more capable than they realise. Keyword: Failure to meet a challenge, lack of confidence.

Mondays are always a challenge for me so I tell myself I can handle anything that comes my way and I brace myself for the day 😀🏵️ - that's the 7 of Wands kind of energy!

7 of Wands - lyns

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