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Michael Jackson Expression Number 8 cont'd

Good morning everyone. We are going to continue with Michael Jackson's Expression Number today

Michael Joseph Jackson

Expression Number 8:

The number 8 people are characterised by achievement and success in big business and accomplishment in a big way. They seek positions of authority and recognition in the practical material areas of life business, finance, corporations, banking etc and are often public figures The pathway of the number 8 is not an easy one and success comes from effort, knowledge and determination. When a number 8 person works for personal satisfaction and not money for money’s sake rewards can be huge. Michael Jackson had a great passion for his music and great ability. He would work and perform to the point of exhaustion through sheer determination. The number 8 is about balance and it is obvious that his passion for music and performing was not just about the financial gain to him. In this respect Michael fitted these traits very well.

Frequency of numbers in the name – some call this the inclusion chart. This to me describes your most prominent personality traits. Have a go at working out your own using the key to the value of the letters from yesterday. You will be amazed!

I cant really just talk about the expression number without using this as its a key factor in how the expression number works.

Each number has a normal score, low score and a high score and it is different for each number.

1 = 6 (normal 3 – 4)

2 = 1 (11/2) a more public 2 (normal 1 – 2)

3 = 3 (normal 1 or 2)

4 = 1 (normal 1 or 2)

5 = 3 (normal 5 or 6)

6 = 2 (normal 1 or 2)

7 = 1 (normal 1 or 2)

8 = 2 (normal 0 or 1)

9 = 1 (normal 1 or 2)

So you can see that Michael had an excess of 1s and 3s. Looking at what we know about the number 1 he certainly was the showman and a leader in the music industry in his time. Like the energy of the 1 he enjoyed being the centre of attention on stage and in charge of all the details. Privately he sought solitude, family and peace (his birth path is a 6). In addition to this - look at his creative energy. He has a high score on the 3s - well he had plenty of that and knew how to use it! The fact he has a high score on the 8 helps with his ability to make and manage money in big business. Its a helping hand from universe.

Tomorrow I' m going to look at another leader in the music industry who was also a number 8 - Elvis Prestley for comparison. There are so many layers we could go in to with the expression number but I think a couple of examples with just these two features is enough for now. Then we are going back to the cards for a while I think.

Have a great day everyone!

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