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Expression Number Michael Jackson

Expression Number Michael Jackson

We are going to explore all of Michael Jackson's personal numbers and what they mean - starting with the Expression Number. Doing an example is the best way to understand how it works and then you can do you own analysis of your own name. Just remember when looking at what describes someone's personality you are looking at their expression number and birth path with equal weight but to start with we and investigating Michael Jackson's Expression number and all the information contained in that energy vibration.

Michael Joseph Jackson

Without reducing anything you get

33 + 28 + 28

6 + 1 + 1 =8

I have reduced the 33 here as it is only the first name and part of a total.However the fact that his first name is a 33 is significant.

So Michael's expression number is an 8. What does that mean to you? Does he fit your understanding of the energy of the number 8?

Also as an exercise go through his numbers and look at the frequency of them. For example how many 1s does he have in his total name? What do you think that means?😊💖👀

How many 2s, 3s, 4s etc. What you will find out by breaking the components of a name down will amaze you.

Tomorrow we will chat about what it means and there is a lot more here. The total of the vowels and consonants is also significant.

Happy pondering. Have a great day!

Key to Remembering letter values

1. JAS

2. BKT

3. CLU

4. DMV

5. NEW

6. FOX

7. GYP

8. HQZ

9. IR

Have a great day!

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