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Cyclical Numbers in Numerology


There are many other cyclical numbers that are at work that help me to work out current and future events. In time we will cover them all but for now I will just mention a few of them:

The Pinnacles and Challenges of the birth path: They are the four major cycles that present an energy to you as an opportunity to work with and the challenge energy is just that - an area of life that is difficult and challenging where your lesson is to master the use of that energy. If you know what it is that can make a huge difference to your experience of it!

Another is the Personal Year Number which we have already covered and the Total Year count which often describes the triggering event or circumstance outside of your control that triggers the changes of the Personal Year.

Another is the subcycles of the life path - initial, productive and harvest. These all describe the main focus of your energies during these major phases common to all of us.

The Essence number - this is based on the energy vibrations of your name as the numbers you took on at birth in the letters of your name cycle through your life. The essence number is your soul's spiritual lesson. It can change every year or you can have a long string of the same vibration. More about this later but its one of the most important

Next week we are starting on working on calculating and understanding your Expression Number one of the most powerful personal numbers based on the letters in your name. We will be doing this in stages.

The first name describes your physical presence, the second name emotional and last name mental energies. The total of these is your total Personality energies and then there are other layers to that - such as the Soul Urge and Consonant Total. We will work on this slowly as there are many layers to the Expression Number each with their own meaning. The calculations are not difficult but the interpretation is a bit tricky and how it works together and equally with the birth path number makes up our unique personality traits.

To start we are going to look at your first name only and why we sometimes go by nicknames or our middle name and what that says about your personality. We will also look at what it means if you have no middle name. Another issue is the effect of name changes on your energies.

There are so many sayings about numbers in our lives that are sometimes funny and sometimes profound but the energy is always present

Have a great day everyone!

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