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The Star Card 17

The Star 17 Yay today we are looking at one of the most positive cards in the deck. The woman in this card is associated with Ishtar the star goddess who ventured into the underworld to get the water of life to restore her dead lover. When this card appears in a reading is signifies peace, rest and tranquillity and hope and bright prospects for the future. Problems will be resolved, healing will take place either physically or spiritually and you will feel inspired, refreshed and blessed after a time of hardship and struggle. Keywords hope, peace, healing. Reversed: the opportunity for rest and healing is still there but you may not be aware of it. Anxiety, insecurity or lack of confidence may be in the way of appreciating all that is good in your life and the signs of renewal around you. If there are obstacles in the way of your happiness they can be overcome with time. Keywords hope, delayed fulfilment. I thought I would share this spread I did in relation to my career direction. Often when the Star appears there are other positive signs from the universe present with it. The deck I am using is my favourite - Barbara Walker and the spread is the Celtic Cross. For the purposes of this post the outcome card is The Star. The suggested course of action is The Wheel of Fortune - positive change is coming. My hopes are represented by Justice which means a fair outcome in relation to career and the right decision being made. It also shows that I am responsible and fair in my dealings with others. The only difficult card is the 3 of swords in the position of the attitude of others. I like think this means they would be very unhappy if I left my current day job to pursue my other interests! The 8 of The Star card in general indicates awareness and focusing on what is around you (1) leads to better spiritual health and awareness resulting in a better balance in life and rewards for hard efforts (8).

The Star Card 17 -

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