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You have made it this far towards seeking some answers to the important life questions you have. The truth is the future is not static otherwise there is no benefit in having a reading. The purpose of seeking the guidance of a reader, whether they be an Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist or psychic is to help us prepare for what is to come and to make the most of the gifts we have been given and the energies around us.

We are born with a blueprint of our soul's energy, character and potential and like all energy, positive/negative, good and bad we can choose how we use what we have been given. The more aware we are of our natural energies, our potential and gifts the more we can gain confidence to embrace that potential. I can show you how to be the best version of yourself, making the most of all your gifts and opportunities to help you on your way to a happier and more fulfilling life in this time.

The sorts of areas I can assist with guidance and direction are:

*Career options, suitability and best timing to make changes.

*Relationship dynamics - Why we often 
find ourselves repeating past patterns in relationships.
 What are we meant to   learn from the past. I can also help you with  relationship compatibility 
  analysis and things like the most favourable times to meet a partner or to make commitments in
  relationships. We can also look at karmic lessons and how they relate to relationships we have.

*Business name analysis. I can help you choose a name that helps to maximise profitability and
  success by helping you to incorporate beneficial energies and ensuring they are in line with the
  purpose of your business and in harmony with your own personal energies. I can also assist you in
  modifying business names or adding certain energies which may improve business results.

*Buying and selling properties or businesses. What is a good time to do this for you personally?
 What is the most favourable energies or transits for a good result. 

*Changing your name - Why do it? What is the benefit or detriment of changing your name? What type
  of gift, talent or quality would you like to maximise and what energies would you like to minimise or

* Are you getting married and would like to know if the year or date you have planned is favourable and          supportive for a happy life ahead?

These are just a few areas of life that I can assist you with.

I can help you on your spiritual journey with a personal consultation or maybe you would like to join one of my classes or workshops. There is also a wealth of self help information here on my site so enjoy and remember I am here to help you - that is my path, that is my soul's journey.

Lyn 2022

"Our potential lies somewhere between what is and what could be"

Find me on Facebook: Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings@lynsreadings.
Find me on Google: Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

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