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  •       Are you facing a major decision and not sure which way to go?
  •       Are you seeking clarification regarding  your relationship and its direction or have        questions regarding relationships in general?
  •       Do you have questions about your career direction?
  • ​      Do you want to know what your true talents and skills are? ​
I can help with these issues and more
Take some time out for yourself and come to see me for a  reading.
I have worked as an Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot reader and teacher for over 25 years now but my speciality is Numerology and Tarot - their energy and cycles really speak to me and I can help you interpret the messages from the universe that are just for you.
A reading with me will give you a positive sense of empowerment in your life
and insight into your gifts and challenges from the universe
and a clearer direction in life.
I am located in the Hornsby area but have clients from all over Sydney. I am about a 10 minute drive travelling north once you join the M1 at Wahroonga.
If I am too far for you to travel an email or phone reading might be an option. Call me, message me or email me today. I promise even the most difficult energies can be used in a positive way. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.
See my Types of Readings Page for price guide:
       A Face to Face Numerology and Tarot Card Reading is
$100 for approx 1.5 hours 
Face to Face Tarot
$70 for approx 1.5 hours

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