The Magician 1

The Magician is the positive power to manifest or create things through will and energy. The Magician uses all the elements available to him to be creative. He commands the elements and is dynamic and original. The wand is like the magicians wand. He is also referred to as the juggler. The symbols on the table represent the suits of the minor tarot card and the elements earth, air fire and water.  The garden shows the creative production of aims and ambitions. The magician in a spread points to creative abilities, the ability to influence others and to tap into your full potential to achieve something. Change and transformation is coming. This card represents skill, confidence and originality and an ability to use all your resources at hand. It denotes good communication and the ability to influence others. The Number 1 assigned to this card is appropriate as it is about being in command, the centre of attention and the ability to use everything you have at hand.

Reversed: Lack of confidence, poor communication.

The Magician 1

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