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King of Pentacles

The Kings generally represent mature aged men in a reading. They are rational, authoritative figures. They are well respected with a certain presence of character. The kings as with the Queens can represent situations also. This king can represent the end result of a process, idea, decision or project. King of Pentacles -Element - Earth - practical, down to earth, loyal, introverted This man is kind, gentle and good natured. He is successful in his own right and generally content with life. He is both practical and hardworking and has achieved stability and security in his life through hard work and determination. This king is happy to share what he has with others and never takes anything for granted. He does not seek money for its own sake but more to build a sense of security and comfort. This king enjoys the good things in life and is very straightforward. He may not be the most intelligent man but he is hardworking and honest. Often this king is very good with working with his hands – he could be a tradesman, carpenter or craftsman of some sort as his gifts are of a practical nature rather than intellectual. Physically he may be of a solid build with dark hair, skin and eyes. As a situation: You have achieved a sense of security and comfort as a result of hard work and determination. You have achieved your goals and feel a great deal of satisfaction from the position you have achieved through your own efforts.

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