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The Queen of Cups

The Queens

The Queens in the Tarot usually represent mature women. They are the feminine aspects of our personality, and are nurturing, compassionate, and understanding. Their personality traits are defined by the suit they are in.

Queen of Cups – Element of Water and the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

She is a quiet, gentle woman who keeps to herself and is difficult to get to know. She is a bit of a mystery. She may appear to be a bit of a dreamer but she is quite sensitive and intuitive, kind artistic or possibly even psychic. She is sensitive to the needs of others and receptive to impulses and influences from the subconscious. The queen of cups is also usually fair in colour- blonde or light brown hair, blue, green or hazel eyes and fair skin.

As a situation The Queen of Cups represents the maturing of feelings about a person or situation. It is the development of an emotion almost to fruition and an end result. Intuition is heightened and developed. The client should trust their gut feeling in their situation.

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