The Ace of Wands

Good morning. We are on to the positive , motivating energy of the suit of Wands today.

The Aces – Number 1 in any suit. The beginning or start of something. The initial stage. The Ace of each suit represents the full and undivided energy and power of the element it is associated with. The Ace of wands represents Fire; The Ace of Cups - water, Ace of swords - Air and the Ace of Pentacles represents earth. Remember Wands relates to the element fire and is a positive (or extroverted) kind of energy. Being of the element fire it stands for inspiration, intuition, new ideas and concepts, ambition, excitement, initiative and enthusiasm. In this suit it is often associated with new projects in business or career. Sometimes its associated with a new career or business project rather than just a new job. Creative ideas and intellectual plans are more associated with this Ace than practical or financial matters. Although the benefits of this action and energy often results in rewards both financial and practical!

Have a great day!

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