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The 10 of Swords

The Tens in the Tarot Ten represents the beginning of a new stage of development as we move to the double digit. The Ten can be the final stage or completion but more often than not it is the extreme expression of the energy of the suit and is an overdo of that energy. It is the idea of one too many, destruction and decadence as it has the power of a zero behind it but contained in the 10 is the promise of a new beginning as the 10 reduces back to a 1. The number 10 can also signify or suggest a group of people contributing to the overuse of the energy of this suit. Ten of Swords The idea of completion and a group of people associated with the meaning of the number ten has a really negative connotation in Swords. This card can signify the conclusion of something and a new beginning about to dawn. The worst point in a crisis is over. The situation can only improve. It is sometimes shown as a card of ruin and disaster but it also offers hope for a brighter future. As this number often relates to groups it may also be a member of a group or your family causing problems. If you look at the image the dawn is breaking in the background showing hope for the future and a new beginning. There can be no further pain in this situation as it is an ending. We are done with the suit of swords. Tomorrow its all the action and positivity of Wands! Keywords Crisis over, ruin, ending of strife.

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