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The 4 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today is all about rest and a break from difficulties and stress

The Four of Swords

The number 4 is the material world which is composed of the four elements and the four dimensions including time and 4 seasons. The 4 is the number a stability and order and firm foundations. The number 4 has a calming and stabilising influence.

The painful and destructive quality of Swords meets a pacifying, calming influence of the number 4. Here this means respite and a break from difficulty, trouble and stress. This is a chance to recover and recuperate following a stressful time, illness or strife. A holiday can sometimes be indicated or even a stay in hospital (after a battle with illness) if other cards support this. Either way this is a time out card from life’s challenges and stresses.

Keywords: Rest after strife, recuperation, timeout.

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