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The Three of Cups

Today we are looking at 3 of Cups which is all about celebrations, good times and the joy of friendship.

The Threes in the Tarot

This is the creative element and the combined forces of 2 creating a third. It can represent a link between what seems to be two opposites. 3 is connected with communication and expressions of the creative process and communication.

The Three of Cups

I find this card often comes up when you need the comfort and support of good friends – like a night out with the girls or time with the guys. It’s all about celebrations and the bonds of friendship and the support we receive from close friends and family. As it is the number 3 it also signifies creativity on the emotional plane and in committed relationships this card often turns up when marriage, children, pregnancy or birth are around the client or soon to be. Related to this is also things like birthdays, christenings and weddings and other social and family gatherings that involve celebrations. It can also be creativity in an artistic or psychic sense with the development of these talents starting to shine through. This is a very positive, social kind of card depicting joy and celebrations of happy events and good times.

Keywords: spiritual or artistic growth, birth, marriage and other celebrations..

If you select this card today – celebrate and appreciate your friends and enjoy that family gathering or happy celebration coming your way.

Have a great day!

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