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Six of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we welcome the stabilising influence of the 6 in the suit of Wands.

The Sixes in the Tarot

The harmony, balance and stability signified by six is coloured in its expression by the suit it is in. The positive, outwardly expressive energy of Wands and Swords has a calming and harmonising effect. In the suit of Cups and Pentacles it delivers a time of reflection and rest from adversity.

The six is concerned with balance, justice, rewards and the results or consequences of past actions.

The Six of Wands

The initiatives of the past have resulted in success and achievement which can now be enjoyed. There is recognition for past achievements, triumph and victory having completed some difficult task or overcome some obstacle in plans. News of a successful outcome in any issue can be signified with this card. This card shows that there has been much energy expended to get to this point and it is time for a momentary rest and reflection on what has been achieved.

Have a great day!

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