The Five of Wands

June 4, 2019

Good morning everyone. Today we move on to The Five of Wands. 5s are generally associated with – change and disharmony


The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, instability and struggle. The meanings of the fives often relates to issues of conflict, decisions, disappointment and problems in general. In the outgoing positive energies of Wands there can be arguments and chaos, in Swords temporary setbacks or feelings of losing a battle. In the passive suit of cups, disappointment and set backs in relationships are often characteristic and in pentacles financial hardship, struggle and losses. So the fives are a tricky transient sort of energy.


Five of Wands – Remember wands is the element fire, ambition, drive.


The optimism and enthusiasm of the fire energy means that the problems, conflicts and annoyances of the five can be overcome. Daily nuisances do cause set backs but the hassle of this is not severe. You may actually be excited to deal with the challenges of these irritations and may obtain a sense of satisfaction in struggling with the difficulties and overcoming them.

Keywords – Minor problems and struggles, petty arguments and battle of wits.


Have a great day. Stay calm....and warm!






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