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Birth Path 4

Good morning everyone. What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and Marie Curie all have in common? They are all Number 4s - disciplined, steadfast, organised people.

Birth Path of a 4

Organised and practical are the keywords here. You will be conscientious, hardworking, disciplined, honest and sincere, dependable, methodical, systematic and orderly. Routine and stability are important to you as is material wealth mainly for security. There is a great fondness for home and family with this number. You are responsible and others come to you for support. You are not afraid of hard work and will work hard for things you need and want. Patience, determination and loyalty are your qualities. Number 4s can be stubborn and set in their ways and like to have their own way. Number 4s build on their successes and a driven to achieve material security. They are also very particular about their friends and prefer to work in the background rather than the limelight unless they have powerful Expression numbers. For example Bill Gates Expression number is a 3 - powerful communicator, active mind. Marie Curie's Expression Number was the detailed, analytical number 7. Arnie is a little more complicated. His expression number is a 9 - humanitarian, compassionate, altruistic, connected with the film industry, imagination and inspiration. Its his high number of 1s (5 in fact) that has propelled him into the public eye in so many ways.

Famous Number 4s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bill Gates

Brad Pitt

Bryan Adams

Demi Moore

Elton John

Frank Sinatra

Marie Curie

Nicole Kidman

Norm Shealy

Sir Paul McCartney

Have a great day! 😊🦉🦉🦉❤️❤️🙏

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