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The Lovers Card No 6

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at No 6 - The Lovers Card - Are you facing a major decision? Do you feel like you are at the crossroads. When the lovers card turns whatever you decide there is no turning back.

The angel looks over this couple facing a new direction. The sun in the background supports the right decision being made. In the Fool’s Journey the Lovers Card represents the power of choice and use of will. The Fool begins to form his own beliefs and values. Sometimes this can relate to an emotional commitment such as marriage but not always. In relationships in general a turning point is indicated with a focus on issues of commitment. It could be related work or moving home for example. When this card is upright it can reassure you that you will make the right decision eventually although it is worrying you a lot at the time of the reading.

Keywords Choice, decision, commitment

Reversed: Caution is needed in making important decisions - obtain all the facts and weight them up. It may also show that you are putting off a difficult decision. Haste is to be avoided but the issue not. Indecision or a bad decision is likely so tread carefully.

The number six here seems to favour the relationship interpretation to me as the 6 is the number of harmony, commitment, family and responsibility.

If you choose the Lovers Card for today then any decisions you make may have far reaching consequences.

♥️♥️♥️♥️🦉🙏 Have a great day!

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