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"The Issue" Spread in The Tarot

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Let's hope its a good week ahead. I should be looking at the Five of Pentacles today but that is a tough one for a Monday so I thought I would share a useful spread with you instead.

I find it very helpful when dealing with a decision or relationship issue.

This is a straightforward spread. The only card that may cause some issues here is position 3. If you find a really positive Card like The Sun or The Wheel of Fortune or Ten of cups for example I would suggest looking at that as a caution against a false sense of security. Interpret the usual meaning of the card and then try using the word don't in front of whatever you are thinking. That will usually steer you in the right direction. This spread can be used with our without a significator but I do tend to use one to represent the person concerned if it is a relationship based issue of any kind. If it is just regarding a decision or seeking a course of action then I wouldn't use one.

Try it and see how you go. If you have any problems just message me and I might be able to help.

Tomorrow we will look at the 5 of Pentacles. As this one is all about feeling impoverished emotionally and financially I didn't want to start the week with it but have a good look at this card.. there is hope hidden within it..

Have a great day. Stay positive! 🦉🦉🙏♥️

The Issue Spread -

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