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Meaning of The Two of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the two of Pentacles - juggling resources and finances.

Two of Pentacles

The number 2 represents the relationship or interaction between two entities. It can be one of harmony and balance or one of conflict. It involve co-operation, moderation and movement.


The suit of Pentacles is the element earth – the practical real world. Balance and juggling in relation to money matters and resources or issues connected to security is signified. The image on this card implies juggling resources to achieve a balance in the midst of change. This card may also signify a practical and sensible outlook being required to make every day affairs run smoothly. Sometimes this card signifies a division of resources and financial difficulty when you are juggling too many things and trying to make ends meet. In my experience this card often turns up related to property settlement in divorce and changes in business when one partner or party leaves the business.

Keywords Practical ability, adaptability, division of resources,change.


Moodiness and lack of application are indicated when this card shows up. Instability is indicated. Your mood may vary a lot from confident to completely unable to cope and there may be difficulty in concentrating. Recklessness or silly behaviour may be indicated

Keywords: Moodiness, fluctuation.

Have a a great day. If you select this card for today you may find yourself being very busy and stretched a bit too thin with all the demands you have and life's expenses but know you are good at managing all this. It is nothing new as life is a constant juggling act that you that you are well familiar with!🦉🦉♥️🙏

Two of Pentacles -

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