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The Significator in The Tarot

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a lovely long weekend. Tomorrow we are moving on the the suit of Pentacles - element EARTH connected with work, career, finances and security

For today I thought I would mention the role of a significator in a reading.

What is a significator?

A significator is a card that is consciously chosen to represent the client (or a person they are asking about). Some spreads may require a significator, but they are generally optional. There are many ways of selecting a significator. It can be any of the 78 cards, either major arcana or minor arcana, although most of the time a court card such as a king, queen, knight or page will work well. The actual card chosen can depend on their physical and personality attributes and the age of the person in question but more on that later. In my experience it has great value in helping you to focus your energies on the person in question. You can also choose the significator to match the client's star sign. I tend to choose it based on what I pick up on when I meet the client. For example the person may be a Taurus but the way they present to me is that they are confident and fiery then I would choose the Queen or King of Wands. If a particular card turns up in a reading representing a partner for example and the client wanted to focus on the outcome of a relationship then I would use that card as the centre of the next spread. I often use the significator and place this card in the centre of my reading space, unrelated to the positions in the spread. It just helps me to focus my attention on that person in question.♥️🦉🙏. Have a great afternoon!

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