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Happy Birthday P!nk

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday.

On of my favourite artists is celebrating a birthday this weekend so I couldn't resist having a look at her numbers -

Alecia Beth Moore -more commonly known as “P!nk” born 8th September 1979 – Happy Birthday!!

P!nk enters a Personal Year 1 on her birthday this year which is a great new beginning for her and a new phase in her career – upwards. Its going to be a great year with many opportunities for new experiences and new branches of creative expression coming her way.

Pink's numbers are fascinating to me. She has a strong emphasis on the number 2s demonstrating her emotion and sensitivity so apparent in her music. This is not surprising. She also has an expression number of a 6. She is much more family focused than her public personality would indicate. This number also gives her a strong sense of social justice and responsibility for the welfare of others. She is often seen showing her caring attitude to others and is a passionate animal rights activist. Pink has never been backwards in coming forward about her feelings. Her music is filled with personal statements and emotion that resonates with all of us..

Her life path is a 7 – she is a seeker of truth and understanding of life. The 7s are loners, true individuals and often seen as different – just the way she likes it. She has a healthy score of 3s for creative self expression in singing, dancing, acting etc and that common benchmark of the low number 1s often seen with public personalities means that she may have felt a lack of acceptance when young and would have had a strong drive for achievement from an early age. It is her love of being different and her desire for creative self expression that has propelled her to fame. As a child she would have been lonely and perhaps felt isolated or apart from others.

Her good score of 6s and expression number of a 6 means she loves family and welcomes the responsibilities and joys of parenting. Her public personality number is a 13/4 (karmic number)– breaking with tradition, setting her own benchmarks and foundations and sticking to her principles and her own sense of stability and identity. Obviously works very well for her. Love you Pink! Your music brings tears to my eyes every time. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!.😊🤗😍💖💖💖

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