Meaning of the 3 of Cups

August 28, 2018

oday we are looking at the number 3s. The creative force from the product of two opposing but equal energies.

The Threes in the Tarot
This is the creative element and the combined forces of 2 creating a third. It can represent a link between what seems to be two opposites. 3 is connected with communication and expression of the creative process in actions, feelings, thoughts and on the material plane.
The Three of Cups
This card signifies creativity on the emotional plane such as marriage, children, pregnancy, birth or further development in relationships. On a practical note it often signifies celebrations with friends or family occasions such as birthdays, christenings and weddings.

It can also be creativity in an artistic or psychic sense with the development of a particular relationship, friendship or ability that is close to your heart. To me this card often indicates get togethers and bonding with close friends and harmonious relationships in groups you may social or work with.

Keywords: spiritual or artistic growth, birth, marriage.
Reversed: The expanded expression of the Cups results in selfishness, intolerance and selfish motives. There is a lack of generosity. Domestic problems, divorce, problems in pregnancy can all be signified by this card.
Keywords: selfishness, intolerance, domestic problems. Delays in celebrations and good news.

Have a great day. Appreciate and enjoy your friends. Maybe today is the day you go out for drinks after work or catch up with friends for dinner. Is there a special occasion to celebrate? Is there a special celebration coming up in the family? This is the energy of the 3 of Cups 💖😊 Cheers!



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