The Temperance Card 14

May 13, 2018

Temperance 14/5
Temperance is a great card for warning us about the effects of excesses and of getting our lives out of balance. the 14 is a karmic number which is saying change your way of living (1) through a new foundation (4) to bring about a positive change 5. Too much self indulgence (1) can result in instability physically and in terms of stability (4). The 5 is the number of change. Temperance here means moderation by mixing and balancing elements in your life. Looking at the card she is pouring water from one vessel to another - one foot on the land and one in the water. The water signifying emotion and the need for balance in life to achieve harmony and peace of mind. On a practical level when Temperance appears it shows you have a balanced personality and the ability to handle a difficult situation with tact and efficiency. Time should be taken to weigh up the best option or course of action.Keywords - balanced personality, tact. Reversed may indicate a lack of self control, inconsistency of purpose and moodiness. A need for slowing down and calming down. Breaking a task into smaller pieces to work towards a better balance.