The Twos in The Tarot

The number two in the suits is connected with partnerships of all kinds, balance and reflection, negotiation.

In the suit of Wands

Partnerships and a meeting of minds will enhance projects and lead to success. Joint projects and business partnerships are indicated. Sometimes this can relate to plans you may make with a friend such as plans to travel or activities together as apposed to romantic attachments indicated in the suit of cups.

Keyword: Partnership

In the suit of Cups

Love, relationships, understanding and emotional commitment are indicated. It may show opposites attract. An initial meeting of someone new who may end up being a romantic partner. This card denotes harmony and balance in relationships and mutual respect Keyword romance and harmony.

In the suit of Swords

A need for a logical decision between two equal options. Friendship in adversity. Sometimes a battle brewing. A sea of emotion with important decisions to be made. There is fear involved in making the wrong decision and many difficult options to weigh up. You may need to trust your intuition to make the right decision but you cannot remain in this position of stalemate for long.Keyword: Balance, pending decision.

In the suit of Pentacles

Hard times where resources a split and juggled but an ability to cope. Income equals expenditure. Needing to use intelligence and control to cope financially and improve a difficult situation. Spreading resources thinly and learning to budget and make ends meet.

Keyword: juggling.