The Threes in the Tarot
From the weighing up and balancing of the twos comes the product or manifestation in the threes. The 3 is a creative number, a product of the two. Such as the product of a happy union between two people is often a child. I tend to think of it that way. Depending on which suit the number 3 relates to will indicate how this energy expresses. The Threes represent creativity, growth and development and communication. By adding an extra number to the stability or inaction of the twos the energy has been forced to move forward.

The 3 of Wands - element fire - business, enterprise
When this 3 appears in a spread it brings good news. It is favourable for initial accomplishment of plans. New career opportunities will come your way often through a new person. Patience is needed as this is only the initial success and will take time and further planning.keywords creative projects, new partnerships and plans. Reversed: A new direction is needed, as talents, skills and efforts are being wasted. The message is to set new goals and formulate alternative plans.

The 3 of Cups - element water - relationships, feelings
The 3s here manifest as creative, positive social energy. There are emotional celebrations and good news.In general terms, abundance, celebrations, social times and good friends.  In many instances this means pregnancy and birth. Ills are healed, harmony achieved and joy abounds. Attendance at weddings and christenings are also likely.Keywords: joy, celebrations, happy times. Reversed: Can indicate delays in a long awaited celebration, being overbearing in friendships, loss of friendships and self indulgence

The 3 of Swords -element Air - thoughts, decisions.
The product of the anguish in the twos is represented as an excess of harshness and logic and an absence of compassion. You may feel the force of betrayal, anxiety, a third person in a relationship, arguments and heartbreak, possible surgery and stress in general. At the very least a storm is brewing over issues that will now come to a head and must be deal with in a logical way which may be painful emotionally. Keyword: argument, betrayal, unkindness, separation. Reversed: apologies, hiding from pain, escape, healing and a new path, letting go of the loss of a relationship.

The 3 of Pentacles - element earth - work, skills, career

The creative product of this energy is learning new skills, physically changing or improving something in your environment, apprenticeship, skill and good craftsmanship, consulting builders, designers. It is creative, practical energy. Building projects. The products of a creative venture. Skill, practical ability and team work. Reversed: A lack of team support, people being competitive and showing off. It can also mean that you want more respect at work for your abilities and skills. Have a great day. Be creative, explore your talents, abilities and new ideas.

The Number 3 in the Minor Arcana