Meaning of The 6s in the Minor Arcana of The Tarot

The Sixes

Harmony, balance and equilibrium. Balance, justice, rewards, family, home, success are all indicated by the calming nature of the six. Six is a smoother energy after the change of the 5. Progress forward, healing, sympathy and recovery are possible.

Six of Wands

Upright: With the enthusiasm of the fire sign past efforts now result in rewards and achievement, triumph and victory. Keywords: victory, triumph


Delays in completing projects or no recognition for hard work. A time of celebration and rewards is deserved but doesn’t appear to happen. Sometimes misunderstanding or delayed success may be indicated.

Six of Cups – Cups is emotion and relationships.

Upright: The six of Cups here is rewards for efforts in relationships and friendships through acts of kindness and generosity. You may think about happy times in the past. An old friend or lover may return or there may be the repayment of an act of kindness. Keywords: pleasant memories, old friends, childhood.


You may be dwelling on an unhappy past or living in the past at the expense of the present. Nostalgic feeling and regrets over the past may be preventing you from enjoying the future. Keywords Unhappy memories, nostalgia.


Six of Swords.

Upright: The calming influence of the six moderates the struggle and suffering often associated with swords. You are moving away from troubled times and facing better prospects for the future. There is a little sadness with the imagery of this card but it does show moving in to calmer waters but movement is still indicated meaning that the journey is not complete but there is definitely some improvement and rest from difficulty and strife. It can mean and ending to worry and sorrow and may even indicate a physical move. Keywords: improvement, passage, journeys.



Upright: You may have taken measures to resolve problems but a complete solution is yet to come. You may be tempted to take the easiest course of action but a more lasting solution is needed. Keywords: some improvement.


Six of Pentacles

Upright: Balance and justice in relation to money and security. Giving and receiving gifts. Generosity from someone who feels you deserve it. You are generous yourself and like to help others. An act of charity or the receipt of something you deserve: Keyword: gift or charity


You may feel cheated or someone may have taken advantage of your good nature. You may feel that your generosity has not been appreciated. Theft, loss of money or possessions may be indicated. Generally speaking the sixes are a calming, stabilising influence after the struggle of the 5s. It is a time to heal and  get ready for the spiritual and physical challenges of the 7.