The Sevens in the Tarot

The 7 is a mystical number - soul searching. Where experience delivers great insight. 7 is associated with effort and re-evaluation of circumstances. The power of the mind and will has a great influence on the outcome of events. Strength is gained from what has been learned from the past. The 7 is associated with spiritual growth and wisdom.

Seven of Wands

The wisdom of the 7 together with the enthusiasm and ambition of Wands shows an ability to overcome obstacles and to meet challenges head on. You or your client will face a challenge such as an exam or test. Skill will be needed but you have the power to achieve success.

Keywords: Challenge, courage, obstacles, test

Reversed: shows a lack of confidence to meet the demands of a test not a lack of ability. You are more capable than you think.

Keyword: lack of confidence.

Seven of Swords

In this suit the intellect and power of the mind are at work resulting in foresight, skill and cunning. You may be able to use your intelligence and problem solving ability to deal with a problem involving an opponent. Being prepared in this way by planning prevents a bad conflict.

Keywords: foresight, planning, preventing opposition

Reversed: An unorthodox solution is needed. A chance may be missed. You may be perceived as eccentric.

Seven of Cups

The mystical qualities of the seven combined with the intuition, imagination and and instincts of the cups results ideas, fantasy and fascination with options for happiness. The power of the 7s intellect is required to determine which options are worth investigating or following. The options are tempting and rational decision making is required.

Keyword: fantasy, choices, illusions.

Reversed: You may feel confused and caught up with delusions. You may retreat into fantasy. A rational practical approach is required.

Keywords: Delusion. confusion.

Seven of Pentacles

The intellectual power of the 7 together with the practical grounded nature of the Pentacles. This card asks you not to feel discouraged by set backs because continued effort will result in ultimate success. Results will come. Fortune will change and hard work will pay off soon.

Keywords: Perseverance, determination, tough circumstances

Reversed: You may feel discouraged and inclined to give up. Opportunities may have been missed. It may be time to cut losses, take what is positive from the experience and learn from it so that you will not make the same mistakes.

Keywords: Failure, loss, depression.


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