Meaning of The Fives in The Tarot

The Fives in the Tarot

The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, instability and struggle. The meanings of the fives often relates to struggle, conflict, disappointment and problems in general.

Five of Wands – Remember wands is the element fire, ambition, drive

Upright: The optimism and enthusiasm of the fire energy means that the problems, conflicts and annoyances of the five can be overcome. Daily nuisances do cause set backs but the hassle of this is not severe. You may actually be excited to deal with the challenges of these irritations and may obtain a sense of satisfaction in struggling with the difficulties and overcoming them. Keywords – minor problems and struggles

Reversed: More serious obstacles and disagreements are indicated. Arguments, squabbling and conflict can be the case with a particular rival or competitor causing headaches at work. There may be a power struggle with someone being very unfair. Keywords: rivalry, fighting and disruption.


Five of Cups -remember cup is water – emotion, feelings, relationships

The disruptive influence of the five together with the emotion of the cups leads to feelings of partial loss and disappointment. You may be dwelling on what has been lost in a situation instead of what remains that is valuable and good. You may be miserable and depressed and feeling that things are worse than they actually are. Keywords; partial loss, disappointment.

Reversed: There has been a genuine loss that you may be struggling with sadness and distress. Something valuable has been lost from your life leaving you with grief, regret and remorse. The sorrow will pass with time. Keywords: loss, remorse, sadness.

Five of Swords – element air – thought, decisions, logical, struggle.

Upright:  aggression and conflict of the element air together with the instability of the number 5 means humiliation and defeat. You may feel like you have been made a fool of and are embarrassed. There may be a powerful domineering person you have been in conflict with and have lost a battle with them. You have to accept the defeat gracefully and move on. You pride may be hurt but no real harm has been done.

Reversed: The energy is more serious. Hurt, humiliation and bullying are indicated. There may be deception and malicious harm intended. Keywords: humiliation, deception, bullying.

Five of Pentacles – element earth – security, work, finance

Upright: The unsettling effect of the number five here relates to security – financial and emotional. The challenge and strife of the five means hard times financially and struggling to make ends meet. Unemployment or financial debts and pressures may be indicated Keywords: material trouble, poverty and worry.

Reversed: You are well aware of the difficulty of this situation and in the reversed position it may mean that this is a longstanding reality. Poverty, homelessness even hunger can be indicated. There is a feeling of a lack of security and love. You would feel alone and out in the cold. Looking at the imagery of this card sees these disadvantaged people outside a church. Help is nearby if you seek to make changes. The characters and moving and walking showing progress is possible.