Meaning of The 1s or Ace  In The Tarot

The Ace in each suit represents singularity and undivided power of the element it belongs to.The Ace of Wands represents fire, The ace of Cups water, The ace of Swords air and the Ace of Pentacles - earth.

The Ace of Wands


Drive, energy and new initiatives are represented. This card stands for inspiration, creativity, intuition. Often associated with new projects and career moves.

Reversed: wasted energy, misdirected or unfocussed.

The Ace of Cups

Water is associated with emotion, love, sensitivity and psychic powers. This is a good card for relationships promising joy, peace, love, contentment and fulfilment. Sometimes it shows up as a sign of marriage or  birth of a child, the beginning of some creative talent which is very rewarding and therapeutic emotionally.

Reversed Sadness, loneliness or disappointments

The Ace of Swords

This is associated with the rational faculties and intellect. This suit is also associated with conflict, destruction, power and loss.The ace represents the ability to think clearly and to make fair and responsible judgements. There is a strong desire for justice and fairness in decisions. Sometimes the Ace can signify legal matters and a fair outcome. This Ace is the beginning of a plan or decision that will require careful planning.


Cruelty or injustice. Poor decisions or delays in legal matters.

The Ace of Pentacles

Earth stands for material things, work and money, emotional security but also fertility. The Ace here represents the client's inner sense of worth and a desire to be of service. The Ace can show security in life, pleasures of the physical senses and a feeling of satisfaction. Often this Ace means a job offer or new career path where learning of new skills is required. This can be related to an apprenticeship or a new position at work requiring hard work but promising financial rewards.


Insecurity and a preoccupation with material security and money. It may represent a troubled family life or worry about financial matters.